How to disable Autodiscover for SBS; for using Extermal Exchange

There may be a time, where you want to use Office 365 or Intermedia in conjunction with your SBS. If you don’t disable the Autodiscover on the SBS, Outlook will attempt to reconfigure itself and point back to SBS based on the Autodiscover settings. Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory | fl Name, Server, InternalUrl, Identity This will show you […]

Fix: “Networking is not installed or properly configured”

On the machine experiencing the problem, in the Computer Name tab of the System Properties dialog (brought up from Control Panel | System), the “Network ID” and “Change” buttons were disabled (grayed out). A message at the bottom of the dialog indicated that the reason for this was that “networking is not installed or properly […]

Do not prompt for credentials before starting RDP Connection

The following procedure is good for connecting to server with Novell client installed. Open RDP. Save the Connection settings to the server you want to connect to. Open Notepad and change type from *.txt to *.*. Select the RDP file that you created.  Add at the end: enablecredsspsupport:i:0  Save and exit.  After successful connection to […]

Outlook 2011 – Disabling Annoying Sounds

Since I got my MacBook Pro 17″, I set up Outlook 2011 for email purposes. Didn’t notice anything for a while but when I was not listening to music I would hear a little “tsch” sound once every couple minutes. This was annoying while listening to music. When I looked in the Preferences -> Notifications […]

Using USB Credit Card Swiper over RDP

Currently Microsoft Terminal Services now RDP Services has a bug (confirmed by MS) when it comes to USB Credit Card Swipers. Although Microsoft is not planning to fix this confirmed issue, there is a work around. Currently you use software on the PC to connect to Terminal Services called “Remote Desktop Connection”. In this software […]

Disable suggested contacts in Outlook 2010 so your Iphone contact list doesn’t explode

I just installed Outlook 2010 and saw my contact list double in size on my IPhone soon after.  Took me a while to see that it added a “Suggested List” to the iphone where all these extra contacts were coming from.  I found a blog post that shows how to remove the suggested list completely […]